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Kudos Stairlifts - Straight & Curved Stairlifts

Welcome to Kudos Stairlifts, a multi leading manufacturer approved specialist Stairlift supplier offering industry leading no compromise Stairlifts from all major manufacturers. We are a national company with depots, engineers and surveyors strategically placed throughout the UK.

We can offer you a true independent range of stairlifts from the most affordable to the best available, and offer simple impartial advice across a full range and choice.

Kudos Stairlifts - Straight Stairlifts

For homes that have a straight staircase Kudos has the perfect solution.

Kudos Stairlifts - Curved Stairlifts

For homes that have a staircase with turns, Kudos has a number of solutions available.

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Find out how we can help you regain full use of the home you love.

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Approved stairlift service & maintenance engineers across the UK’s leading manufacturers.

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