Platinum Ultimate Curved Stairlift

Platinum Ultimate Curved Stairlift

Made in Britain the Platinum Ultimate is an innovative single rail stairlift with stylish features and a range of unique capabilities. Designed with your comfort in mind this stairlift has a unique first step start feature meaning doorways and obstacles at the bottom of the stairs are no issue.

A fully bespoke stairlift this Platinum Ultimate is often seen as less intrusive than a twin rail stairlift and can be designed to fit most homes, with colour schemes available for the seat and rail.

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Features and Benefits

160kg Heavy Duty Option

Although our standard weight limit is 120kg, we also have a heavy duty option which can cope with 160kg/25 stone. We are proud to offer this option without compromising any other features of The Ultimate.

Adjustable Seat

Stairlift users come in all shapes and sizes. This is why our seat has three sets of adjustments on both our arm and back rests. This can improve comfort for the user and also assist with larger back to knee measurements.

Two Way Power Swivel

Even on the heavy duty option we can provide two way power swivel allowing optional positions for getting on and off as well as travelling.

Ultimate Travel

Direction of travel can hinder whether the stairlift will fit on a staircase. With our three options The Ultimate can fit in the tightest of situations. Not only that, forward travel can provide comfort for users with issues such as vertigo. Enabling the user to face the stairs rather than away relieves the discomfort of the visual distance from the stairs.

Ultimate Control

The Ultimate user experience is one of choice and adaptation. With control being an essential part of the stairlift journey. Our design enables the battery powered controls to be easily removed with a clip system under the arm and swapped.

First Step Start

We are very proud to unveil our first step start. Taking away the need for hinges, this reliable option is great for both end user and engineer.

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