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Curved Stairlifts

Flow 2 Curved Stairlift

The industry leading award winning Flow 2 Stairlift uses leading edge patented technology and safety features.


  • Single Rail system
  • Rail design supports minimal fixings and joins
  • Auto Swivel (ASL) Technology
  • Ideal for narrow width, multi turn or spiral stairs
  • Designed to work on the inside track of stairs
  • Unique start options to avoid hinged rails*
  • Low maintenance by design
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OtoLift TWO Series Curved Stairlift

The benchmark of design and quality in twin rail systems. Compact and easy to use with heavy duty options available to 165kg


  • Slim double tube rail design
  • Compact, taking up minimal space
  • Powered footrest and seat swivel option
  • Perching seat available
  • Heavy duty to 165kg
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Brooks 180 Curved Stairlift

Affordable modular system, yet robust enough to provide years of reliable service.


  • User controls on both arms
  • Can fit narrow width stairs*
  • Digital display for diagnosis
  • Fitted within days in a couple of hours
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180 curved stairlift

Platinum Curved Stairlift

A twin rail system manufactured here in the UK featuring an innovative Ergo seating option


  • Twin rail system
  • Powered options available
  • Choice of upholstery colours
  • User weight to 139kg
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