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Welcome to Kudos Stairlifts, a multi leading manufacturer approved specialist Stairlift supplier offering industry leading no compromise Stairlifts from all major manufacturers. We are a national company with depots, engineers and surveyors strategically placed throughout the UK.

We can offer you a true independent range of stairlifts from the most affordable to the best available, and offer simple impartial advice across a full range and choice.

Stairlift sales, stairlift service and stairlift repairs Berkshire

Please see below a full list of areas we cover in Berkshire and the services offered in those areas.

Our service and emergency response call-out phones are manned from 0600hrs till 22.00 hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

To book your engineer, please call Freephone 0800 1522400 or Direct Dial 0203 326 5841 However, if you are located outside the areas shown and require assistance, please contact us during our office hours of Monday to Friday, 0830hrs to 1730hrs and Saturday 0900hrs to 1300hrs.

All of our service and response staff are fully trained and CRB checked.

Kudos Stairlifts - Straight Stairlifts

For homes that have a straight staircase Kudos has the perfect solution.

Kudos Stairlifts - Curved Stairlifts

For homes that have a staircase with turns, Kudos has a number of solutions available.

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Find out how we can help you regain full use of the home you love.

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Here are just some of the towns we cover and services we offer:

Stairlift supply Aldermaston, stairlift service Aldermaston, stairlift repair Aldermaston, stairlift maintenance in Aldermaston
Stairlift supply Aldworth, stairlift service Aldworth, stairlift repair Aldworth, stairlift maintenance in Aldworth
Stairlift supply Arborfield, stairlift service Aldworth, stairlift repair Arborfield, stairlift maintenance in Arborfield
Stairlift supply Ascot, stairlift service Ascot, stairlift repair Ascot, stairlift maintenance in Ascot
Stairlift supply Ashmore Green, stairlift service Ashmore Green, stairlift repair Ashmore Green, stairlift maintenance in Ashmore Green
Stairlift supply Beedon, stairlift service Beedon, stairlift repair Beedon, stairlift maintenance in Beedon
Stairlift supply Binfield, stairlift service Binfield, stairlift repair Binfield, stairlift maintenance in Binfield
Stairlift supply Boxford, stairlift service Boxford, stairlift repair Boxford, stairlift maintenance in Boxford
Stairlift supply Bracknell, stairlift service Bracknell, stairlift repair Bracknell, stairlift maintenance in Bracknell
Stairlift supply Bray, stairlift service Bray, stairlift repair Bray, stairlift maintenance in Bray
Stairlift supply Brimpton, stairlift service Brimpton, stairlift repair Brimpton, maintenance in Brimpton
Stairlift supply Bucklebury, stairlift service Bucklebury, stairlift repair Bucklebury, stairlift maintenance in Bucklebury
Stairlift supply Burchetts Green, stairlift service Burchetts Green, stairlift repair Burchetts Green, stairlift maintenance in Burchetts Green
Stairlift supply Burghclere, stairlift service Burghclere, stairlift repair Burghclere, stairlift maintenance in Burghclere
Stairlift supply Burghfield, stairlift service Burghfield, stairlift repair Burghfield, stairlift maintenance in Burghfield
Stairlift supply Burghfield Common, stairlifteld service Burghfield Common, stairlift repair Burghfield Common, stairlift maintenance in
Burghfield Common
Stairlift supply Caversham, stairlift service Caversham, stairlift repair Caversham, stairlift maintenance in Caversham
Stairlift supply Chaddleworth, stairlift service Chaddleworth, stairlift repair Chaddleworth, stairlift maintenance in Chaddleworth
Stairlift supply Charvil, stairlift service Charvil, stairlift repair Charvil, stairlift maintenance in Charvil
Stairlift supply Chazey Heath, stairlift service Chazey Heath, stairlift repair Chazey Heath, stairlift maintenance in Chazey Heath
Stairlift supply Chieveley, stairlift service Chievley, stairlift repair Chieveley, stairlift maintenance in Chieveley
Stairlift supply Cippenham, stairlift service Cippenham, stairlift repair Cippenham, stairlift maintenance in Cippenham
Stairlift supply Cold Ash, stairlift service Cold Ash, stairlift repair Cold Ash, stairlift maintenance in Cold Ash
Stairlift supply Colnbrook, stairlift service Colnbrook, stairlift repair Colnbrook, stairlift maintenance in Colnbrook
Stairlift supply Cookham, stairlift service Cookham, stairlift repair Cookham, stairlift maintenance in Cookham
Stairlift supply Cookham Dean, stairlift service Cookham Dean, stairlift repair Cookham Dean, stairlift maintenance in Cookham Dean
Stairlift supply Crays Pond, stairlift service Crays Pond, stairlift repair Crays Pond, stairlift maintenance in Crays Pond
Stairlift supply Crazies Hill, stairlift service Crazies Hill, stairlift repair Crazies Hill, stairlift maintenance in Crazies Hill
Stairlift supply Crowthorne, stairlift service Crowthorne, stairlift repair Crowthorne, stairlift maintenance in Crowthorne
Stairlift supply Curridge, stairlift service Curridge, stairlift repair Curridge, stairlift maintenance in Curridge
Stairlift supply Datchet, stairlift service Datchet, stairlift repair Datchet, stairlift maintenance in Datchet
Stairlift supply Donnington, stairlift service Donnington, stairlift repair Donnington, stairlift maintenance in Donnington
Stairlift supply Dorney, stairlift service Dorney, stairlift repair Dorney, stairlift maintenance in Dorney
Stairlift supply Earley, stairlift service Earley, stairlift repair Earley, stairlift maintenance in Earley
Stairlift supply East Garston, stairlift service East Garston, stairlift repair East Garston, stairlift maintenance in East Garston
Stairlift supply East Ilsley, stairlift service East Ilsley, stairlift repair East Ilsley, stairlift maintenance in East Ilsley
Stairlift supply Eastbury, stairlift service Eastbury, stairlift repair Eastbury, stairlift maintenance in Eastbury
Stairlift supply Emmbrook, stairlift service Emmbrook, stairlift repair Emmbrook, stairlift maintenance in Emmbrook
Stairlift supply Emmer Green, stairlift service Emmer Green, stairlift repair Emmer Green, stairlift maintenance in Emmer Green
Stairlift supply Englefield, stairlift service Englefield, stairlift repair Englefield, stairlift maintenance in Englefield
Stairlift supply Englefield Green, stairlift service Englefield Green, stairlift repair Englefield Green, stairlift maintenance in Englefield Green
Stairlift supply Eton, stairlift service Eton, stairlift repair Eton, stairlift maintenance in Eton
Stairlift supply Eton Wick, stairlift service Eton Wick, stairlift repair Eton Wick, stairlift maintenance in Eton Wick
Stairlift supply Eversley, stairlift service Eversley, stairlift repair Eversley, stairlift maintenance in Eversley
Stairlift supply Fifield, stairlift service Fifield, stairlift repair Fifield, stairlift maintenance in Fifield
Stairlift supply Finchampstead, stairlift service Finchampstead, stairlift repair Finchampstead, stairlift maintenance in Finchampstead
Stairlift supply Frilsham, stairlift service Frilsham, stairlift repair Frilsham, stairlift maintenance in Frilsham
Stairlift supply Goring Heath, stairlift service Goring Heath, stairlift repair Goring Heath, stairlift maintenance in Goring Heath
Stairlift supply Goring On Thames, stairlift service Goring On Thames, stairlift repair Goring On Thames, stairlift maintenance in
Goring On Thames
Stairlift supply Grazeley, stairlift service Grazeley, stairlift repair Grazeley, stairlift maintenance in Grazeley
Stairlift supply Great Shefford, stairlift service Great Shefford, stairlift repair Great Shefford, stairlift maintenance in Great Shefford
Stairlift supply Hamstead Marshall, stairlift service Hampstead Marshall, stairlift repair Hamstead Marshall, stairlift maintenance
in Hamstead Marshall
Stairlift supply Hare Hatch, stairlift service Hare Hatch, stairlift repair Hare Hatch, stairlift maintenance in Hare Hatch
Stairlift supply Headley, stairlift service Headley, stairlift repair Headley, stairlift maintenance in Headley
Stairlift supply Hermitage, stairlift service Hermitage, stairlift repair Hermitage, stairlift maintenance in Hermitage
Stairlift supply Highclere, stairlift service Highclere, stairlift repair Highclere, stairlift maintenance in Highclere
Stairlift supply Holyport, stairlift service Holyport, stairlift repair Holyport, stairlift maintenance in Holyport
Stairlift supply Hungerford, stairlift service Hungerford, stairlift repair Hungerford, stairlift maintenance in Hungerford
Stairlift supply Hurley, stairlift service Hurley, stairlift repair Hurley, stairlift maintenance in Hurley
Stairlift supply Hurst, stairlift service Hurst, stairlift repair Hurst, stairlift maintenance in Hurst
Stairlift supply Inkpen, stairlift service Inkpen, stairlift repair Inkpen, stairlift maintenance in Inkpen
Stairlift supply Kidmore End, stairlift service Kidmore End, stairlift repair Kidmore End, stairlift maintenance in Kidmore End
Stairlift supply Kintbury, stairlift service Kintbury, stairlift repair Kintbury, stairlift maintenance in Kintbury
Stairlift supply Knowl Hill, stairlift service Knowl Hill, stairlift repair Knowl Hill, stairlift maintenance in Knowl Hill
Stairlift supply Lambourn, stairlift service Lambourn, stairlift repair Lambourn, stairlift maintenance in Lambourn
Stairlift supply Langley, stairlift service Langley, stairlift repair Langley, stairlift maintenance in Langley
Stairlift supply Leckhampstead, stairlift service Leckhampstead, stairlift repair Leckhampstead, stairlift maintenance in Leckhampstead
Stairlift supply Littlewick Green, stairlift service Littlewick Green, stairlift repair Littlewick Green, stairlift maintenance in Littlewick Green
Stairlift supply Lower Basildon, stairlift service Lower Basildon, stairlift repair Lower Basildon, stairlift maintenance in Lower Basildon
Stairlift supply Maiden’s Green, stairlift service Maiden’s Green, stairlift repair Maiden’s Green, stairlift maintenance in Maiden’s Green
Stairlift supply Maidenhead, stairlift service Maidenhead, stairlift repair Maidenhead, stairlift maintenance in Maidenhead
Stairlift supply Mapledurham, stairlift service Mapledurham, stairlift repair Mapledurham, stairlift maintenance in Mapledurham
Stairlift supply Marsh Benham, stairlift service Marsh Benham, stairlift repair Marsh Benham, stairlift maintenance in Marsh Benham
Stairlift supply Mortimer, stairlift service Mortimer, stairlift repair Mortimer, stairlift maintenance in Mortimer
Stairlift supply Mortimer Common, stairlift service Mortimer Common, stairlift repair Mortimer Common, stairlift maintenance in
Mortimer Common
Stairlift supply Newbury, stairlift service Newbury, stairlift repair Newbury, stairlift maintenance in Newbury
Stairlift supply Oldham, stairlift service Oldham, stairlift repair Oldham, stairlift maintenance in Oldham
Stairlift supply Padworth, stairlift service Padworth, stairlift repair Padworth, stairlift maintenance in Padworth
Stairlift supply Padworth Common, stairlift service Padworth Common, stairlift repair Padworth Common, stairlift maintenance
in Padworth Common
Stairlift supply Pangbourne, stairlift service Pangbourne, stairlift repair Pangbourne, stairlift maintenance in Pangbourne
Stairlift supply Peasemore, stairlift service Peasemore, stairlift repair Peasemore, stairlift maintenance in Peasemore
Stairlift supply Playhatch, stairlift service Playhatch, stairlift repair Playhatch, stairlift maintenance in Playhatch
Stairlift supply Purley On Thames, stairlift service Purley On Thames, stairlift repair Purley On Thames, stairlift maintenance in
Purley On Thames
Stairlift supply Reading, stairlift service Reading, stairlift repair Reading, stairlift maintenance in Reading
Stairlift supply Riseley, stairlift service Riseley, stairlift repair Riseley, stairlift maintenance in Riseley
Stairlift supply Ruscombe, stairlift service Ruscombe, stairlift repair Ruscombe, stairlift maintenance in Ruscombe
Stairlift supply Sandhurst, stairlift service Sandhurst, stairlift repair Sandhurst, stairlift maintenance in Sandhurst
Stairlift supply Shinfield, stairlift service Shinfield, stairlift repair Shinfield, stairlift maintenance in Shinfield
Stairlift supply Sindlesham, stairlift service Sindlesham, stairlift repair Sindlesham, stairlift maintenance in Sindlesham
Stairlift supply Slough, stairlift service Slough, stairlift repair Slough, stairlift maintenance in Slough
Stairlift supply Sonning, stairlift service Sonning, stairlift repair Sonning, stairlift maintenance in Sonning
Stairlift supply Sonning Common, stairlift service Sonning Common, stairlift repair Sonning Common, stairlift maintenance in
Sonning Common
Stairlift supply Sonning Eye, stairlift service Sonning Eye, stairlift repair Sonning Eye, stairlift maintenance in Sonning Eye
Stairlift supply Sonning On Thames, stairlift service Sonning On Thames, stairlift repair Sonning On Thames, stairlift maintenance in
Sonning On Thames
Stairlift supply Southend, stairlift service Southend, stairlift repair Southend, stairlift maintenance in Southend
Stairlift supply Stanford Dingley, stairlift service Dingley, stairlift repair Stanford Dingley, stairlift maintenance in Stanford Dingley
Stairlift supply Stockcross, stairlift service Stockcross, stairlift repair Stockcross, stairlift maintenance in Stockcross
Stairlift supply Stratfield Mortimer, stairlift service Stratfield Mortimer, stairlift repair Stratfield Mortimer, stairlift maintenance in Stratfield Mortimer
Stairlift supply Streatley On Thames, stairlift service Streatley On Thames, stairlift repair Streatley On Thames, stairlift maintenance in Streatley On Thames
Stairlift supply Sunningdale, stairlift service Sunningdale, stairlift repair Sunningdale, stairlift maintenance in Sunningdale
Stairlift supply Sunninghill, stairlift service Sunninghill, stairlift repair Sunninghill, stairlift maintenance in Sunninghill
Stairlift supply Swallowfield, stairlift service Swallowfield, stairlift repair Swallowfield, stairlift maintenance in Swallowfield
Stairlift supply Taplow, stairlift service Taplow, stairlift repair Taplow, stairlift maintenance in Taplow
Stairlift supply Thatcham, stairlift service Thatcham, stairlift repair Thatcham, stairlift maintenance in Thatcham
Stairlift supply Theale, stairlift service Theale, stairlift repair Theale, stairlift maintenance in Theale
Stairlift supply Tidmarsh, stairlift service Tidmarsh, stairlift repair Tidmarsh, stairlift maintenance in Tidmarsh
Stairlift supply Tilehurst, stairlift service Tilehurst, stairlift repair Tilehurst, stairlift maintenance in Tilehurst
Stairlift supply Twyford, stairlift service Twyford, stairlift repair Twyford, stairlift maintenance in Twyford
Stairlift supply Upton, stairlift service Upton, stairlift repair Upton, stairlift maintenance in Upton
Stairlift supply Waltham St Lawrence, stairlift service Waltham St Lawrence, stairlift repair Waltham St Lawrence, stairlift maintenance in
Waltham St Lawrence
Stairlift supply Warfield, stairlift service Warfield, stairlift repair Warfield, stairlift maintenance in Warfield
Stairlift supply Wargrave, stairlift service Wargrave, stairlift repair Wargrave, stairlift maintenance in Wargrave
Stairlift supply Water Oakley, stairlift service Water Oakley, stairlift repair Water Oakley, stairlift maintenance in Water Oakley
Stairlift supply West Ilsley, stairlift service West Ilsley, stairlift repair West Ilsley, stairlift maintenance in West Ilsley
Stairlift supply Whitchurch Hill, stairlift service Whitchurch Hill, stairlift repair Whitchurch Hill, stairlift maintenance in Whitchurch Hill
Stairlift supply Whitchurch On Thames, stairlift service Whitchurch On Thames, stairlift repair Whitchurch On Thames, stairlift maintenance in Whitchurch On Thames
Stairlift supply White Waltham, stairlift service White Waltham, stairlift repair White Waltham, stairlift maintenance in White Waltham
Stairlift supply Windsor, stairlift service Windsor, stairlift repair Windsor, stairlift maintenance in Windsor
Stairlift supply Winkfield, stairlift service Winkfield, stairlift repair Winkfield, stairlift maintenance in Winkfield
Stairlift supply Winnersh, stairlift service Winnersh, stairlift repair Winnersh, stairlift maintenance in Winnersh
Stairlift supply Winterbourne, stairlift service Winterbourne, stairlift repair Winterbourne, stairlift maintenance in Winterbourne
Stairlift supply Wokingham, stairlift service Wokingham, stairlift repair Wokingham, stairlift maintenance in Wokingham
Stairlift supply Woodcote, stairlift service Woodcote, stairlift repair Woodcote, stairlift maintenance in Woodcote
Stairlift supply Woodley, stairlift service Woodley, stairlift repair Woodley, stairlift maintenance in Woodley
Stairlift supply Woodspeen, stairlift service Woodspeen, stairlift repair Woodspeen, stairlift maintenance in Woodspeen
Stairlift supply Woolhampton, stairlift service Woolhampton, stairlift repair Woolhampton, stairlift maintenance in Woolhampton
Stairlift supply Woolton Hill, stairlift service Woolton Hill, stairlift repair Woolton Hill, stairlift maintenance in Woolton Hill
Stairlift supply Worlds End, stairlift service Worlds End, stairlift repair Worlds End, stairlift maintenance in Worlds End
Stairlift supply Yattendon, stairlift service Yattendon, stairlift repair Yattendon, stairlift maintenance in Yattendon