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Welcome to Kudos Stairlifts, a multi leading manufacturer approved specialist Stairlift supplier offering industry leading no compromise Stairlifts from all major manufacturers. We are a national company with depots, engineers and surveyors strategically placed throughout the UK.

We can offer you a true independent range of stairlifts from the most affordable to the best available, and offer simple impartial advice across a full range and choice.

Stairlift sales, stairlift service and stairlift repairs in Buckinghamshire

For all of your stairlift needs, whether you are interested in a new stairlift, a reconditioned stairlift, or are looking for reliable affordable stairlift maintenance, stairlift service or stairlift repair for your existing stairlift including emergency response/ call outs for breakdowns– you need look no further.

Kudos Stairlifts not only supply, install and maintain our own stairlifts but have a response team available to look after all existing stairlifts too.

To book your engineer, please call Freephone 0800 1522400 Direct Dial 0203 326 5841 during our office hours of Monday to Friday, 0830hrs to 1730hrs and Saturday 0900hrs to 1300hrs.

Our service and emergency response call out phones are manned from 06.00hrs till 22.00hrs 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Outside of these hours, voicemail is available directly to our engineers. – Emergency Response and Service – Free phone 0800 1522446 or Direct Dial 0203 326 5839

All of our service and response staff are fully trained and CRB checked.

Kudos Stairlifts - Straight Stairlifts

For homes that have a straight staircase Kudos has the perfect solution.

Kudos Stairlifts - Curved Stairlifts

For homes that have a staircase with turns, Kudos has a number of solutions available.

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Find out how we can help you regain full use of the home you love.

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Approved stairlift service & maintenance engineers across the UK’s leading manufacturers.

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Here are just some of the towns we cover and services we offer:

Stairlift supply Adstock, stairlift service Adstock, stairlift repair Adstock, stairlift maintenance in Adstock
Stairlift supply Akeley, stairlift service Akeley, stairlift repair Akeley, stairlift maintenance in Akeley
Stairlift supply Amersham, stairlift service Amersham, stairlift repair Amersham, stairlift maintenance in Amersham
Stairlift supply Askett, stairlift service Askett, stairlift repair Askett, stairlift maintenance in Askett
Stairlift supply Aston Clinton, stairlift service Aston Clinton, stairlift repair Aston Clinton, stairlift maintenance in Aston Clinton
Stairlift supply Astwood, stairlift service Astwood, stairlift repair Astwood, stairlift maintenance in Astwood
Stairlift supply Aylesbury, stairlift service Aylesbury, stairlift repair Aylesbury, stairlift maintenance in Aylesbury
Stairlift supply Beaconsfield, stairlift service Beaconsfield, stairlift repair Beaconsfield, stairlift maintenance in Beaconsfield
Stairlift supply Bierton, stairlift service Bierton, stairlift repair Bierton, stairlift maintenance in Bierton
Stairlift supply Bledlow, stairlift service Bledlow, stairlift repair Bledlow, stairlift maintenance in Bledlow
Stairlift supply Bletchley, stairlift service Bletchley, stairlift repair Bletchley, stairlift maintenance in Bletchley
Stairlift supply Bolter End, stairlift service Bolter End, stairlift repair Bolter End, stairlift maintenance in Bolter End
Stairlift supply Bourne End, stairlift service Bourne End, stairlift repair Bourne End, stairlift maintenance in Bourne End
Stairlift supply Brackley, stairlift service Brackley, stairlift repair Brackley, stairlift maintenance in Brackley
Stairlift supply Bradenham, stairlift service Bradenham, stairlift repair Bradenham, stairlift maintenance in Bradenham
Stairlift supply Brill, stairlift service Brill, stairlift repair Brill, stairlift maintenance in Brill
Stairlift supply Buckingham, stairlift service Buckingham, stairlift repair Buckingham, stairlift maintenance in Buckingham
Stairlift supply Burnham, stairlift service Burnham, stairlift repair Burnham, stairlift maintenance in Burnham
Stairlift supply Chalfont St Giles, stairlift service Chalfont St Giles, stairlift repair Chalfont St Giles, stairlift maintenance in Chalfont St Giles
Stairlift supply Chalfont St Peter, stairlift service Chalfont St Peter, stairlift repair Chalfont St Peter, stairlift maintenance in Chalfont St Peter
Stairlift supply Chartridge, stairlift service Chartridge, stairlift repair Chartridge, stairlift maintenance in Chartridge
Stairlift supply Chearsley, stairlift service Chearsley, stairlift repair Chearsley, stairlift maintenance in Chearsley
Stairlift supply Cheddington, stairlift service Cheddington, stairlift repair Cheddington, stairlift maintenance in Cheddington
Stairlift supply Chenies, stairlift service Chenies, stairlift repair Chenies, stairlift maintenance in Chenies
Stairlift supply Chesham, stairlift service Chesham, stairlift repair Chesham, stairlift maintenance in Chesham
Stairlift supply Chicheley, stairlift service Chicheley, stairlift repair Chicheley, stairlift maintenance in Chicheley
Stairlift supply Cholesbury, stairlift service Cholesbury, stairlift repair Cholesbury, stairlift maintenance in Cholesbury
Stairlift supply Coleshill, stairlift service Coleshill, stairlift repair Coleshill, stairlift maintenance in Coleshill
Stairlift supply Cryers Hill, stairlift service Cryers Hill, stairlift repair Cryers Hill, stairlift maintenance in Cryers Hill
Stairlift supply Cuddington, stairlift service Cuddington, stairlift repair Cuddington, stairlift maintenance in Cuddington
Stairlift supply Dagnall, stairlift service Dagnall, stairlift repair Dagnall, stairlift maintenance in Dagnall
Stairlift supply Denham, stairlift service Denham, stairlift repair Denham, stairlift maintenance in Denham
Stairlift supply Dinton, stairlift service Dinton, stairlift repair Dinton, stairlift maintenance in Dinton
Stairlift supply Downley, stairlift service Downley, stairlift repair Downley, stairlift maintenance in Downley
Stairlift supply Farnham Common, stairlift service Farnham Common, stairlift repair Farnham Common, stairlift maintenance in Farnham Common
Stairlift supply Farnham Royal, stairlift service Farnham Royal, stairlift repair Farnham Royal, stairlift maintenance in Farnham Royal
Stairlift supply Fingest, stairlift service Fingest, stairlift repair Fingest, stairlift maintenance in Fingest
Stairlift supply Flackwell Heath, stairlift service Flackwell Heath, stairlift repair Flackwell Heath, stairlift maintenance in Flackwell Heath
Stairlift supply Ford, stairlift service Ford, stairlift repair Ford, stairlift maintenance in Ford
Stairlift supply Frieth, stairlift service Frieth, stairlift repair Frieth, stairlift maintenance in Frieth
Stairlift supply Gawcott, stairlift service Gawcott, stairlift repair Gawcott, stairlift maintenance in Gawcott
Stairlift supply Gerrards Cross, stairlift service Gerrards Cross, stairlift repair Gerrards Cross, stairlift maintenance in Gerrards Cross
Stairlift supply Granborough, stairlift service Granborough, stairlift repair Granborough, stairlift maintenance in Granborough
Stairlift supply Great Brickhill, stairlift service Great Brickhill, stairlift repair Great Brickhill, stairlift maintenance in Great Brickhill
Stairlift supply Great Hampden, stairlift service Great Hampden, stairlift repair Great Hampden, stairlift maintenance in Great Hampden
Stairlift supply Great Kingshill, stairlift service Great Kingshill, stairlift repair Great Kingshill, stairlift maintenance in Great Kingshill
Stairlift supply Great Missenden, stairlift service Great Missenden, stairlift repair Great Missenden, stairlift maintenance in Great Missenden
Stairlift supply Grendon Underwood, stairlift service Grendon Underwood, stairlift repair Grendon Underwood, stairlift maintenance in Grendon Underwood
Stairlift supply Haddenham, stairlift service Haddenham, stairlift repair Haddenham, stairlift maintenance in Haddenham
Stairlift supply Hardwick, stairlift service Hardwick, stairlift repair Hardwick, stairlift maintenance in Hardwick
Stairlift supply Hawridge, stairlift service Hawridge, stairlift repair Hawridge, stairlift maintenance in Hawridge
Stairlift supply Hazlemere, stairlift service Hazlemere, stairlift repair Hazlemere, stairlift maintenance in Hazlemere
Stairlift supply High Wycombe, stairlift service High Wycombe, stairlift repair High Wycombe, stairlift maintenance in High Wycombe
Stairlift supply Holmer Green, stairlift service Holmer Green, stairlift repair Holmer Green, stairlift maintenance in Holmer Green
Stairlift supply Ibstone, stairlift service Ibstone, stairlift repair Ibstone, stairlift maintenance in Ibstone
Stairlift supply Ickford, stairlift service Ickford, stairlift repair Ickford, stairlift maintenance in Ickford
Stairlift supply Iver, stairlift service Iver, stairlift repair Iver, stairlift maintenance in Iver
Stairlift supply Iver Heath, stairlift service Iver Heath, stairlift repair Iver Heath, stairlift maintenance in Iver Heath
Stairlift supply Ivinghoe, stairlift service Ivinghoe, stairlift repair Ivinghoe, stairlift maintenance in Ivinghoe
Stairlift supply Kingswood, stairlift service Kingswood, stairlift repair Kingswood, stairlift maintenance in Kingswood
Stairlift supply Lacey Green, stairlift service Lacey Green, stairlift repair Lacey Green, stairlift maintenance in Lacey Green
Stairlift supply Lane End, stairlift service Lane End, stairlift repair Lane End, stairlift maintenance in Lane End
Stairlift supply Latimer, stairlift service Latimer, stairlift repair Latimer, stairlift maintenance in Latimer
Stairlift supply Little Brickhill, stairlift service Little Brickhill, stairlift repair Little Brickhill, stairlift maintenance in Little Brickhill
Stairlift supply Little Chalfont, stairlift service Little Chalfont, stairlift repair Little Chalfont, stairlift maintenance in Little Chalfont
Stairlift supply Little Kingshill, stairlift service Little Kingshill, stairlift repair Little Kingshill, stairlift maintenance in Little Kingshill
Stairlift supply Long Crendon, stairlift service Long Crendon, stairlift repair Long Crendon, stairlift maintenance in Long Crendon
Stairlift supply Longwick, stairlift service Longwick, stairlift repair Longwick, stairlift maintenance in Longwick
Stairlift supply Loudwater, stairlift service Loudwater, stairlift repair Loudwater, stairlift maintenance in Loudwater
Stairlift supply Lower Hartwell, stairlift service Lower Hartwell, stairlift repair Lower Hartwell, stairlift maintenance in Lower Hartwell
Stairlift supply Ludgershall, stairlift service Ludgershall, stairlift repair Ludgershall, stairlift maintenance in Ludgershall
Stairlift supply Maids Moreton, stairlift service Maids Moreton, stairlift repair Maids Moreton, stairlift maintenance in Maids Moreton
Stairlift supply Marlow, stairlift service Marlow, stairlift repair Marlow, stairlift maintenance in Marlow
Stairlift supply Medmenham, stairlift service Medmenham, stairlift repair Medmenham, stairlift maintenance in Medmenham
Stairlift supply Mentmore, stairlift service Mentmore, stairlift repair Mentmore, stairlift maintenance in Mentmore
Stairlift supply Milton Keynes, stairlift service Milton Keynes, stairlift repair Milton Keynes, stairlift maintenance in Milton Keynes
Stairlift supply Moulsoe, stairlift service Moulsoe, stairlift repair Moulsoe, stairlift maintenance in Moulsoe
Stairlift supply Naphill, stairlift service Naphill, stairlift repair Naphill, stairlift maintenance in Naphill
Stairlift supply Newport Pagnell, stairlift service Newport Pagnell, stairlift repair Newport Pagnell, stairlift maintenance in Newport Pagnell
Stairlift supply Newton Longville, stairlift service Newton Longville, stairlift repair Newton Longville, stairlift maintenance in Newton Longville
Stairlift supply North Marston, stairlift service North Marston, stairlift repair North Marston, stairlift maintenance in North Marston
Stairlift supply Olney, stairlift service Olney, stairlift repair Olney, stairlift maintenance in Olney
Stairlift supply Oving, stairlift service Oving, stairlift repair Oving, stairlift maintenance in Oving
Stairlift supply Padbury, stairlift service Padbury, stairlift repair Padbury, stairlift maintenance in Padbury
Stairlift supply Penn, stairlift service Penn, stairlift repair Penn, stairlift maintenance in Penn
Stairlift supply Poundon, stairlift service Poundon, stairlift repair Poundon, stairlift maintenance in Poundon
Stairlift supply Preston Bissett, stairlift service Preston Bissett, stairlift repair Preston Bissett, stairlift maintenance in Preston Bissett
Stairlift supply Prestwood, stairlift service Prestwood, stairlift repair Prestwood, stairlift maintenance in Prestwood
Stairlift supply Princes Risborough, stairlift service Princes Risborough, stairlift repair Princes Risborough, stairlift maintenance in Princes Risborough
Stairlift supply Quainton, stairlift service Quainton, stairlift repair Quainton, stairlift maintenance in Quainton
Stairlift supply Radnage, stairlift service Radnage, stairlift repair Radnage, stairlift maintenance in Radnage
Stairlift supply Salford, stairlift service Salford, stairlift repair Salford, stairlift maintenance in Salford
Stairlift supply Saunderton, stairlift service Saunderton, stairlift repair Saunderton, stairlift maintenance in Saunderton
Stairlift supply Shabbington, stairlift service Shabbington, stairlift repair Shabbington, stairlift maintenance in Shabbington
Stairlift supply Sherington, stairlift service Sherington, stairlift repair Sherington, stairlift maintenance in Sherington
Stairlift supply Silverstone, stairlift service Silverstone, stairlift repair Silverstone, stairlift maintenance in Silverstone
Stairlift supply Skirmett, stairlift service Skirmett, stairlift repair Skirmett, stairlift maintenance in Skirmett
Stairlift supply Slough, stairlift service Slough, stairlift repair Slough, stairlift maintenance in Slough
Stairlift supply Speen, stairlift service Speen, stairlift repair Speen, stairlift maintenance in Speen
Stairlift supply Steeple Claydon, stairlift service Steeple Claydon, stairlift repair Steeple Claydon, stairlift maintenance in Steeple Claydon
Stairlift supply Stoke Goldington, stairlift service Stoke Goldington, stairlift repair Stoke Goldington, stairlift maintenance in Stoke Goldington
Stairlift supply Stoke Mandeville, stairlift service Stoke Mandeville, stairlift repair Stoke Mandeville, stairlift maintenance in Stoke Mandeville
Stairlift supply Stoke Poges, stairlift service Stoke Poges, stairlift repair Stoke Poges, stairlift maintenance in Stoke Poges
Stairlift supply Stokenchurch, stairlift service Stokenchurch, stairlift repair Stokenchurch, stairlift maintenance in Stokenchurch
Stairlift supply Stone, stairlift service Stone, stairlift repair Stone, stairlift maintenance in Stone
Stairlift supply Stony Stratford, stairlift service Stony Stratford, stairlift repair Stony Stratford, stairlift maintenance in Stony Stratford
Stairlift supply Swanbourne, stairlift service Swanbourne, stairlift repair Swanbourne, stairlift maintenance in Swanbourne
Stairlift supply Taplow, stairlift service Taplow, stairlift repair Taplow, stairlift maintenance in Taplow
Stairlift supply Thornborough, stairlift service Thornborough, stairlift repair Thornborough, stairlift maintenance in Thornborough
Stairlift supply Tilehurst, stairlift service Tilehurst, stairlift repair Tilehurst, stairlift maintenance in Tilehurst
Stairlift supply Tingewick, stairlift service Tingewick, stairlift repair Tingewick, stairlift maintenance in Tingewick
Stairlift supply Turville, stairlift service Turville, stairlift repair Turville, stairlift maintenance in Turville
Stairlift supply Uxbridge, stairlift service Uxbridge, stairlift repair Uxbridge, stairlift maintenance in Uxbridge
Stairlift supply Waddesdon, stairlift service Waddesdon, stairlift repair Waddesdon, stairlift maintenance in Waddesdon
Stairlift supply Wavendon, stairlift service Wavendon, stairlift repair Wavendon, stairlift maintenance in Wavendon
Stairlift supply Weedon, stairlift service Weedon, stairlift repair Weedon, stairlift maintenance in Weedon
Stairlift supply Wendover, stairlift service Wendover, stairlift repair Wendover, stairlift maintenance in Wendover
Stairlift supply West Wycombe, stairlift service West Wycombe, stairlift repair West Wycombe, stairlift maintenance in West Wycombe
Stairlift supply Weston Turville, stairlift service Weston Turville, stairlift repair Weston Turville, stairlift maintenance in Weston Turville
Stairlift supply Wexham, stairlift service Wexham, stairlift repair Wexham, stairlift maintenance in Wexham
Stairlift supply Wheelerend Common, stairlift service Wheelerend Common, stairlift repair Wheelerend Common, stairlift maintenance in Wheelerend Common
Stairlift supply Whitchurch, stairlift service Whitchurch, stairlift repair Whitchurch, stairlift maintenance in Whitchurch
Stairlift supply Whiteleaf, stairlift service Whiteleaf, stairlift repair Whiteleaf, stairlift maintenance in Whiteleaf
Stairlift supply Wing, stairlift service Wing, stairlift repair Wing, stairlift maintenance in Wing
Stairlift supply Winslow, stairlift service Winslow, stairlift repair Winslow, stairlift maintenance in Winslow
Stairlift supply Woburn Sands, stairlift service Woburn Sands, stairlift repair Woburn Sands, stairlift maintenance in Woburn Sands
Stairlift supply Woburn Green, stairlift service Woburn Green, stairlift repair Woburn Green, stairlift maintenance in Woburn Green