OtoLift TWO Series Curved Stairlift

The Otolift TWO stairlift can be used on the majority of stair configurations whilst still remaining compact and close to the wall. It is available with two weight limits, 130kg and 165kg, along with an extensive range of additional options to ensure it meets your needs.

Features and Benefits

Compact, comfortable & visually pleasing design.

The slim twin tube rail makes the Otolift TWO curved stairlift strong, safe and reliable.

Tight bends minimising loss of space on the stairs for other stair users.

Lever assisted manual folding footrest as standard.

Light touch, ergonomic controls require very little effort to operate the lift.

Unique folding and sliding rail options to avoid any obstructions at the foot of the stairs.

Seating options including a perching seat for those unable to sit on a standard seat.

Heavy duty option available to a maximum user weight of 165kg.

All safety features are standard, including safety sensors and a retracting seatbelt (harness options available).

Programmable wireless remote controls.

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