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We have built a reputation of integrity at every level of our business, not just with products and price but with the level of aftercare and support that we give to our customers, often overlooked at the time of purchase.

About Us

We have built a reputation of integrity at every level of our business, not just with products and price but with the level of aftercare and support that we give to our customers, often overlooked at the time of purchase. Kudos Stairlifts is a specialist division of Kudos Mobility Group. We are approved suppliers and service agents for all of the main mobility brands in the UK, allowing us to give independent impartial advice – which means that we are able to provide you with the most suitable stairlift to fit your home and your individual needs. We take great pride in helping people lead a better life, and all of our products are tried, tested, and designed to give you many years of trouble free use. Feel free to contact our Client Focus Team whenever convenient, and find out why “Life is great” with Kudos.
For your confidence, we are proud to inform you that Kudos is a BHTA member and as such adheres to the associated OFT (office of fair trading) codes of conduct. Kudos has also gained the Government endorsed Trustmark Accreditation, as well as having the Local Authority approved Buy with Confidence which means being vetted and approved by Trading standard.

Why choose Kudos?

The Kudos Smart Process uses 7 simple steps to take you through the entire process of purchasing your ideal and the correct mobility product and is designed to make the whole process as easy, informative and as thorough as possible. We would also add that the process is enjoyable too.

Steps 1 to 5 are designed to allow you to make an informed decision, if and when you decide to invest in your mobility product with us. The 6th and 7th steps are designed to ensure you live a great life with absolute peace of mind.

Our service starts with collecting some key information from you about the type of product that is required. In the case of a stairlift, this will include discussing details about the end user(s) including medical conditions, type of staircase, type of house, who else may use the staircase or stairlift. Once we have this information, if appropriate we will recommend that you have a no obligation assessment by one of our stairlift specialist surveyors. This will allow us to assess your staircase and discuss with you your individual requirements and circumstances before determining what will be suitable and what choices and options will be available to you. We will, by gaining answers to a set of simple questions, and by creating a scale diagram with measurements of your staircase, be able to narrow down suitability and if appropriate move on to the 2nd stage.

The assessment will provide all of the information needed to make a smart recommendation, something that will suit you now and for the future as your needs may change.

By choosing Kudos, you have access to the widest range of models of stairlifts available from all of the main manufacturers. We are approved partners, suppliers and service engineers for the major manufacturers in the UK including ThyssenKrupp (Flow 2 and HomeGlide), Stannah, Acorn, Brooks, Meditek, & Minivator.
Not all stairlifts are equal, one manufacturer may not have a choice or option that you need, a manufacturer’s salesman will not necessarily point you to another manufacturer’s model, we will. You can then make a smart choice.

The assessment notes and product recommendation combined will have provided enough information and choice at a range of budgets to allow you to make a smart choice- an informed decision.

Kudos only supplies enduring products built using leading edge technology and only works with reputable established manufacturers allowing us to provide the widest range of products available in the UK from the most affordable to the best available. All with the best service and aftercare in the business – our specifically designed Total Care Plan includes all parts, call outs, labour and even extends to cover accidental damage.

We will at this stage discuss with you all terms and conditions and available payment options, we will also give you your options available for extended care plans which can be taken out at any point.

Your assessment notes and subsequent recommendations will be checked and approved by our Client Focus Manager, an approved 2nd opinion to confirm that all angles and considerations have been covered.

In a number of situations this is something that either isn’t needed or sadly even considered by most suppliers.

Considering that your needs may change, are seat heights and footrest heights adjustable, do you need any additional powered options for example powered swivel seat, powered folding footrest, which lifts can have these, are you able to have them retro fitted should you need them, and if so how much for? Can the user controls be changed should the users dexterity change?

You do not have to sacrifice if you have narrow stairs, buying a narrow stairlift, or programmable rail options enable direction of travel options allowing even the narrowest of staircases to be overcome and still leaving handrails in place.

After you have all of the information and choices available, you will be able to take as much time as required to make an informed decision. Your Client Focus manager handling your enquiry will be available to answer any questions and will take care of everything for you. We also offer rental* and easy payment plans if required.

Our specialist installation team not only know your product but will also have full details of your specific requirements from the original assessment and smart choices section.

All products are fully checked and signed off before starting their journey to your home, and all delivery and installation is conducted at agreed times with minimal disruption to you or your home.
Our team are not multi installers, they will not be rushing to another job, we know how long each installation and demonstration takes and allocate approximately double the required time for each installation to ensure there is never a rush or any pressure on anyone.

An installation is not complete until our team, and you the end user are completely satisfied with your stairlift and are confident with all user manageable settings and controls. All packaging is taken away and disposed of for you.

We know that the Great British Public are renowned for suffering in silence, your local Client Focus Manager for your area, who you will already know by this point, will follow up by telephone after installation and organise with you a post installation inspection, and any other follow up visits should you require them, we want to know you are completely satisfied and confident. Whilst our team are simply a phone call away, we will contact you periodically – normally once every 3 months to check all is in order. You will receive twice yearly news letters from us packed with useful information not just on your product but other pieces of information and offers that may be of interest.

Smart care represents the core foundation of how and why Kudos began- to ensure our customers have great lives, living with absolute peace of mind that everything will be taken care of.

All of your chosen warranties, insurance and call out charges are now taken care of you can now live life fully enjoying a great life knowing that Kudos is taking care of everything in the background.
Our regular contact, reviews and automated processes will ensure nothing gets missed. If something, as they can from time to time, isn’t right or you are unsure of something, a simple phone call to our Client Focus Team will get you one of, if not the best response times in the UK.

That is why – “Life is Great” with Kudos, just ask our customers or read the reviews of other companies customers that now use Kudos for their aftercare!

At Kudos, we understand the freedom, independence and quality of life mobility products can bring. With this in mind, and not only to protect that investment but ensure peace of mind for our customers we have created Smart Care by Kudos.

An industry leading aftercare package comprehensively covering the costs of all of those things which may incur extra costs. Please see the Smart Care Table below to see what your plan covers you for.

Add this to the fastest response times within the industry, and you will see why we call this product “Smart” Care.

Nothing has been omitted, so Kudos stairlifts customers have trouble free stairlifts with no hidden costs.

Kudos Smart Care Plans

Total Care+ Total Care Warranty Service Plan
Call Out charges
Battery Cover**

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