Coronavirus Lockdown Support

Support for our customers during the Coronavirus lockdown & isolation period

Virtual Surveys

We are offering video consultations to aid with social distancing & those who may not want to be exposed to visitors.

Safe Installations

We have revised our saftey protocols
to ensure complete customer

We want to clarify what this means in terms of support for our customers following on from the Governments decision to implement the current national lockdown.

Existing customers

  • For customer who already have a stairlift from us, we will follow the guidance from the government and from our trade association, The BHTA, with regard to routine maintenance visits.
  • We will respond as normal for breakdown and repair call outs.
  • Please see the section below on “work carried out in people’s homes”

Existing orders

If you have a stairlift on order from us that has not been installed as yet, we will contact you as arranged to agree the best way to proceed. Please be aware that there may be some small delays and please also do read the section below on “work carried out in people’s homes”

New enquiries

  • We may only be able to service new sales enquiries for those customers with a very urgent essential need for a stairlift, examples of this could be that due to a recent incident (fall, operation, medical episode etc) access to a bathroom or bedroom cannot be achieved safely without a stairlift, or that a stairlift is needed in place prior to discharge from care or hospital.
  • To minimise the time needed to be spent at your home, if appropriate and available we will cover the initial consultation and assessment survey by telephone with the support of a video call. Our aim will be to conduct a full assessment without the need to have a face to face visit.
  • A staying at home and away from others (social distancing) guide can be found by clicking this link:

Work carried out in people’s homes

Work carried out in people’s homes, for example by tradespeople carrying out repairs and maintenance, can continue, provided that the tradesperson is well and has no symptoms. Again, it will be important to ensure that Public Health England guidelines, including maintaining a two-metre distance from any household occupants, are followed to ensure everyone’s safety. No work should be carried out in any household which is isolating or where an individual is being shielded, unless it is to remedy a direct risk to the safety of the household, such as emergency plumbing or repairs, and where the tradesperson is willing to do so. In such cases, Public Health England can provide advice to tradespeople and households. No work should be carried out by a tradesperson who has coronavirus symptoms, however mild. Our absolute priority is the continued health and safety of our customers and employees, and upholding government directions. We have new protocol in place for customer visits designed to protect both our customers and our employees.
  • Customer facing staff have to confirm their health status daily
  • If we are coming to your home, we will be asking you prior to the visit and on arrival if you or anyone at your home is self-isolating due to symptoms of the virus. We will also ensure and confirm with you that you and your family are happy with the measures we have in place to minimise risk before agreeing to come to your home
During the visit to your home
  • Wear gloves and masks if necessary
  • Wash and or sanitise our hands before entry and after exit
  • Maintain a distance of 2 metres from you and ask you to remain in a separate room while we are a conducting our work
  • Minimise anything that we touch in your home
  • Minimise the visit to the minimum time required for each visit
  • Take all and any other precautions we consider necessary on an individual case by case basis
These are unprecedented times, without doubt we all appreciate this. Kudos and all our staff recognise the essential nature of the products we supply and what they offer for our customers. We would like to assure you that we will continue to be here to support you, and I am confident it goes without saying that we must also protect our staff and observe government instructions also.

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