HomeGlide Extra Straight Stairlift

The HomeGlide Extra stairlift for straight staircases is a premium stairlift manufactured by Thyssenkrupp for those who want the ultimate in reliability, options, luxury and elegance.

With a choice of fabric colours and compact dimensions, the HomeGlide Extra Stairlift is an elegant and attractive addition to any home. The HomeGlide Extra has the simplicity that allows the stair lift to be installed very quickly, fitting directly onto a staircase cleanly and discreetly, the stairlift glides effortlessly along an aluminium track.

Features and Benefits

New Flow seat which is ergonomically shaped to the user.

Aesthetically designed
HomeGlide Extra is designed to be a feature of the home, rather than just a mobility product. The user can choose from a range of upholstery to determine the best match with their décor

Suitable for all
The seat height is adjustable to five different positions when a powered swivel is used, which means that HomeGlide Extra can be adjusted to suit a variety of users.

Easy to store
HomeGlide Extra folds neatly for storage, using its linked seat to footrest mechanism, removing the need to bend and manually fold the stairlift.

Easy on and easy off
A powered swivel can be added to HomeGlide Extra to make getting on and off even easier.

Avoids obstacles
The HomeGlide straight rail can be fitted with a powered hinge which can be used when the rail comes close to a door or similar obstacle.

A full set of safety features are standard including a retractable seatbelt. Curved arms are available to help make the user feel more secure during travel if required.

HomeGlide is supplied with two wireless remote handsets which can be positioned at the top and bottom of the stairs – allowing for multiple users in the same household to call and/or send the lift.

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