HomeGlide Stairlift

The HomeGlide stairlift for straight staircases satisfies the market’s need for guaranteed reliability, robust quality and a swift installation without compromising on safety and all at a very competitive price.

By consulting ergonomic experts and existing stairlift owners the HomeGlide’s design is simple, sturdy and meets all accessibility requirements.

The simplicity of HomeGlide allows the stairlift to be installed very quickly. Fitted directly onto the staircase cleanly and discreetly, the stairlift glides effortlessly along an aluminium track.

Features and Benefits

The HomeGlide straight stairlift uses modern technology which means that it is quick to install resulting in minimal disruption for the user.

Built with quality in mind, the HomeGlide stairlift was built to last and won’t let the user down.

Easy to use
The HomeGlide stairlift is operated with an easy to use constant pressure joystick – just press, hold and go.

HomeGlide is supplied with two wireless remote handsets which can be positioned at the top and bottom of the stairs – allowing for multiple users in the same household to call and or send the lift.

Avoids obstacles
The HomeGlide straight rail can be fitted with a powered hinge which can be used when the rail comes close to a door or similar obstacle.

Cost effective
HomeGlide stairlift provides the features to meet the challenges of straight staircases, without a need for extra options, resulting in a less expensive stairlift.

A full set of safety features are standard including a retractable seatbelt.

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