Flow X Curved Stairlift

Flow X Curved Stairlift

Flow X single rail stairlift is the latest offering from the market leader when it comes to curved stair lifts. Combining an elegant design, versatility of configuration and unique patented safety features.

Flow X is the only stairlift on the market which is capable of auto swivelling the seat during the journey both up and down your staircase.  

This unique and patented feature makes the Flow X a specialist stairlift capable of fitting even the narrowest of staircases, straight, narrow, around corners or even spiral ones.

This compact stairlift has been designed in partnership with world renowned furniture designer Pearson Lloyd to produce a stairlift that not only contains industry leading technology but also breaks the mould on traditional stairlift design.

Access BDD who make the Flow X where recently (May ’24)  named No. 1 in “Which? Recommended Providers”  

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Features and Benefits


The Flow X Stairlift is designed and tested to meet and exceed the highest industry standards. Ergonomically-tapered armrests give you extra support whilst standing and sitting. Thanks to the unique open-access armrest position transferring to a stairlift has never been easier.


By using its patented auto swivel system, the Flow X curved stairlift doesn't need much space and can negotiate staircases as narrow as 61cm (24 inches) wide, auto swivelling the seat and footrest as it goes. This design allows the rail to sit close to the stairs, making Flow X the most adaptable stairlift in the world – no other stairlift can boast this.


The Flow X redefines premium comfort. Offering ergonomic and innovative features, all detailed with you in mind. The backrest and padded seat are specifically designed with a gentle recline which, combined with its height adjustable seat and footrest, promote a natural, comfortable seating position tailored to you.

Aesthetically designed

The Flow X stairlift is designed to be a feature of the home, rather than just a mobility product; Partnering with world-renowned furniture designer Pearson Lloyd. You are invited to choose between a range of contemporary colours for the padded seat and backrest. Available in Fabric, Vinyl and premium leather. The back of the seat features Grey Oak and the rail comes in 4 standard colours with an option for a custom colour of your design.


With a seatbelt designed to be operated with one hand and wrap around armrests to keep you secure throughout the Flow X treats your safety as a priority. Featuring a full 360 degree perimeter safety system, a unique emergency lowering system at the push of a button and an option to include an integrated call device feature (Programmable up to three telephone numbers) ensuring you can connect with family and friends whilst using the lift.


Flow X is supplied with two sleek call and park wireless remote handset that can be positioned at the top and bottom of the stairs, allowing for multiple users in the same household to call, send or park the stairlift. Flow X folds up


Storing a stairlift when not in use has never been easier with the Flow X’s complete automatic unfolding at the push of a button. A Unique feature only found with the Flow X, choose between fully automatic folding seat, automatic folding footrest or our innovative manual folding version.

Avoid Obstacles

A Choice of ingenious rail start and finish options to avoid obstacles such as doorways without the need for a mechanical hinged rail design.

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We are proud to have a very satisfied customer base. You can read various reviews from different places across the web by checking out our reviews here.

Don’t just take our word for it, if you Google Kudos Stairlifts you’ll see all of our glowing customer 5 star reviews.

Fitting of stair lift

“Service was excellent, carried out politely and punctually.”

Customer in Uxbridge

Why Use Kudos for your Flow X Stairlift?

We have built a reputation of integrity at every level of our business, not just with products and price but with the level of aftercare and support that we give to our customers, often overlooked at the time of purchase.

Kudos Stairlifts is a specialist division of Kudos Mobility Group. We are approved suppliers and service agents for all of the main mobility brands in the UK, allowing us to give independent impartial advice – which means that we are able to provide you with the most suitable stairlift to fit your home and your individual needs.

We take into account the accessibility of your home and aim to provide you with a seamless and convenient solution with the Flow X stairlift. Designed with the goal of enhancing your independence, the Flow X stairlift offers a user-friendly experience that allows you to effortlessly navigate your home with ease. With its simple and straightforward installation process, the Flow X stairlift is designed to provide convenience and accessibility to individuals with mobility issues. The Flow X stairlift is especially beneficial for the elderly, as it allows them to navigate their homes effortlessly and independently, ensuring their security and improving their safety and improving their overall quality of life. The movement is smooth and the arms and seat area are perfectly designed to ensure great posture, so the chairlift will travel with grace. 

If you want more details or information on things such as the seat height, joystick control, rails,  batteries and weight capacity for the Flow X curved stairlift, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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