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A Customer Journey with Kudos Stairlifts – Mr & Mrs Smith

When Mr & Mrs Smith built their house along the banks of the River Thames they could not have been happier with the result, getting to enjoy their life together in their dream home. As they were starting to think about planning for the future, Mrs Smith suffered a hip dislocation and started finding the stairs were getting difficult to use – so to protect their quality of life and the home they love, they decided it was time to get a stairlift installed.


With the foresight to measure the narrowest width and count the number of turns on the staircase before making their enquiries, Mr & Mrs Smith were ready with this important information before contacting the ‘big names’ in the stairlift industry. Three stairlift suppliers came out to assess the staircase, but said due to the narrow width it would not be possible. Desperate for a solution that would keep their home accessible, they searched online for someone who could fit a “stairlift on a narrow staircase” – which is how they found Kudos Stairlifts.


After an initial conversation with our Client Focus Team to discuss their requirements, our surveyor arranged a no-obligation visit to measure the staircase, assess the possible stairlift options and – most importantly – find out exactly what was wanted and needed. Given the Kudos reputation for loving a challenge, our surveyor particularly enjoyed finding a solution for Mr & Mrs Smith’s home. Although the stairs are narrow with some tight turns, it was determined that the Flow X curved stairlift was the most suitable option.

Kudos Stairlifts delivered a full explanation and demonstration of what this particular stairlift model can achieve – including a seat that can be programmed to rotate to specific positions throughout travel to ensure clearances, independently to the carriage that drives along a low single rail that sits close to the wall or banister – and provided a detailed quotation for the requirements. Mr & Mrs Smith were delighted to proceed with their order.


Another visit was scheduled for a digital survey of the stairs, resulting in a 3-dimensional drawing of the staircase and landings. This drawing was sent to the manufacturer of the Flow X curved stairlift, who then provided the full technical drawing showing exactly how the stairlift would be installed and travel up and down the stairs. Once shared with and approved by the customer, the stairlift was approved into production for the bespoke rail to be manufactured.


The day that had once seemed impossible had arrived – our engineer arrived at the house and installed the stairlift, ensuring every part of the programming was accurate and suitable. A full demonstration and handover was completed, making sure everything was comfortable for Mr & Mrs Smith and that they were happy. Mr Smith was over the moon that this challenging staircase had not been an obstacle in the end.


Kudos Stairlifts are particularly proud of this stairlift supply and were overjoyed that Mr & Mrs Smith were happy to be part of a video talking through their journey and experience, especially when hearing that they still marvel at the stairlift and how it clears every tight part of the staircase. Customer satisfaction is what drives everything we do – from our office-based Client Focus Team to our field-based engineers.

We hope that this story from just one of our many happy customers will show just how important having the right stairlift from the right supplier is when it comes to maintaining independent living and protecting your quality of life. Whether it is to assist with your mobility, protect the longevity of your physical ability or simply to provide peace of mind to you and your loved ones, a stairlift from Kudos Stairlifts could be the solution you are seeking for your home.

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Working with Access BDD – a ThyssenKrupp company who are a Which? Recommended Provider for stairlifts – as their trusted Approved Dealer in the south-east of England, Kudos Stairlifts are very pleased to present this story of all-round customer satisfaction.

Contact our Client Focus Team today to discuss how a stairlift can improve and protect the quality of life for you and your family.

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